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"Columba" left, "Parker" again, how should them be protected from Typhoon?

The typhoon "Columba" still remains, the fourteenth typhoon this year, "Parker" has last night in the ocean east of the Philippines formation. It is predicted in August 27th (Sunday) "Parker" will once again landed in Guangdong. The major provinces and cities in the Southern China region are likely to be affected by different degrees. Below, we have also arranged the attention to the typhoon weather.

1. Close the doors and windows
It is very heavy and heavy rain. It is necessary to close the doors and windows. You can use a rubber cloth on the glass to form a "rice" figure to prevent the glass from breaking. Even if it is broken, it will not hurt. In addition, the drying clothes, clothes hangers and flowerpots on the balcony should be moved into the room.

2. reinforce structures that are easily blown by the wind.

The shelves, billboards, and walls that are easily blown down need to be reinforced. The home of the air conditioner, canopy etc. if necessary, also need to be strengthened.

3. check the safety of the gas circuit.

We should check in advance the house accompanied fire, gas and other facilities are safe when it is lighting by peals of thunder.

4. Don't go to the beach!

When a strong typhoon is encountered, the open-air activities should be cancelled. Do not walk on the river or on the bridge. In short: can not go out, try not to go out.

5. do not take shelter from the rain under the big tree, the tower, and the billboard.

If you have to take shelter from the rain, don't take shelter from the rain under the big tree, the tower and the billboard. Avoid lightning strikes and other sudden conditions.

6. drive carefully.

Do not park in the lying land, bridges and under trees for waterproofing.

7. Prepare daily necessities well.

The typhoon may cause a blackout of the water, and some daily necessities, flashlights, candles, water and food can be prepared at home.

In the end, EACO also reminds you "welding" children, of paying more attention to weather forecast, preventing the impact of typhoon ahead of time . All in all, safety first!

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