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How to Choose a Perfect Welding Machine

How to Choose a Perfect Welding Machine 10. 08, 2021

It is a good idea for an enthusiastic welder to learn about the different types of welding equipment to improve your employment prospects. A wide range of welding equipment and accessories are available on the market. Here are some tips on choosing a perfect welding machine.


How to Choose a Perfect Welding Machine

Refer to the specification sheet

Referring to the specification sheet will help you understand a few key factors that distinguish a quality welder from others. For example, a specification sheet can help you measure how many continuous welds a machine can perform in ten minutes.


Analyse compressed gas requirements, if any

Different welding processes require the use of different compressed gases. Oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide are the most commonly used compressed gases for a variety of welding procedures.


Assessing the nature of the metal

Stainless steel is ideal for storing drinks or edible items as it is resistant to corrosion.

Normally, welding is only carried out on carbon steel. Carbon steel is capable of handling the excess heat that any welder might accidentally apply to the metal. Consequently, it is compatible with most available welding machines. And it does not require as much current to run as carbon steel when welding.

Due to its high thermal conductivity, aluminium requires an almost uniform supply of heat to prevent the melt pool from drying out. However, high heat input often leads to distortion of the work piece. Aluminium therefore requires more sophisticated welding machines. So we advise you to evaluate the metal you wish to join before selecting a welder.


Establishing the ideal amperage

The cost of a welder depends on the current it can produce; thicker metals usually require more current to be welded correctly. Then you need pay attention to the thickness of the fixture and the base metal you need to use for your project.

You will need a stick welder or a high-end MIG welder to weld things like thick structural steel and tubes thicker than half an inch effectively.

On the contrary, to weld thin metals you need a more sensitive welder to provide just the right amount of heat to form the weld seam. In this aspect, welding aluminium is almost equivalent to welding relatively thin metals.


Choosing the ideal welding location

The welding location also helps to find the right welder. When welding indoors, you can plug the machine into a 115 volt AC machine, i.e. a 220-240 volt AC source. 115 volt power is the normal power source received by any commercial or domestic facility. Most welders work on this voltage. 

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