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Does the Current of the Argon Arc Welding Machine Affect the Welding Effect?

Does the Current of the Argon Arc Welding Machine Affect the Welding Effect? 06. 21, 2021

You must know that the argon arc welding machine is a kind of high-tech welding application equipment, which performs this series of spot welding steps in the form of high pressure. When I was studying physics in junior high school, I was exposed to the knowledge of electricity. Among them, the magnitude of current is also the most concerned point of electricity, because the magnitude of current will affect the normal operation and operation of various devices. Any kind of equipment has a certain voltage range and current range, and the size of the power is also determined according to the range of the two values. Therefore, the current size of the argon arc welding machine will affect the welding effect to a certain extent.

DC Welding Machine

DC Welding Machine

The current and voltage of the AC arc change their direction every half cycle, and the arc discharge conditions change periodically, so it has an important impact on the stability of the arc and the work of the welding power source. The case is powered by a 50 Hz industrial frequency power supply, and the arc current has 100 zero crossings per second. When the current crosses zero, the arc is extinguished. The next half cycle needs to be reversed and re-ignited, that is, the extinguishing and ignition process of the arc is repeated every time. Occurs 100 times per second. Therefore, the arc is intermittent. Due to the continuous extinguishment and re-ignition of the AC arc, it is not as stable as the DC arc. But the AC arc has no issues such as sex selection, cutting bias and blowing. Due to the alternation of sex, the temperature of the two electricity tends to be the same. The length of time that the arc extinguishes when the current crosses zero is an important parameter that determines the stability of the AC arc. It is closely related to the voltage and current of the arc itself, the no-load voltage of the welding transformer, the electromagnetic characteristics and the impedance type in the welding circuit. Due to the alternating changes of AC arc, when the electrical and physical properties of the workpiece are very different (for example, when welding aluminum alloy with tungsten arc welding), there will be an asymmetry of arc voltage and current in the positive and negative two and a half cycles, and the so-called The appearance of the direct current component will not only affect the welding performance, but also deteriorate the operating condition of the arc welding transformer, and measures must be taken to eliminate it.

In addition, when DC power is used to supply the arc, the arc combustion is relatively stable. On some occasions, when the weldment is required to have a certain degree of performance, it can only be possible with a DC arc. For example, when welding with a low-hydrogen alkaline electrode, it is best to use the DC reverse connection method to avoid arc instability and serious splashing. When the general acid electrode is used for DC welding, the positive connection is usually used, because the positive temperature is higher, and the greater penetration depth can be obtained. But when welding thin plates, in order to prevent burn through, sometimes reverse connection is also used.

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