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A Guide for the Maintenance of Welding Machine

A Guide for the Maintenance of Welding Machine 08. 18, 2021

The welding machine needs regular maintenance and maintenance. And follow the correct procedures during the maintenance process. In this way, the welding machine can run safely and reliably for a long time. Incorrect, incomplete or completely neglected maintenance will not only lead to equipment failure, but also serious danger and even death.

How to Maintain the Welding Machine?

DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine

DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine

Routine Maintenance Schedule

One of the best things you can do for your welding machine is to establish a routine maintenance schedule. Some shops have procedures for each week, month, and year that keep their machines running in top condition without the risk of burning them out. It's not uncommon for welding shops to have their equipment serviced professionally once a year, but that schedule is something you'll need to set up based on your own usage.

Follow the Specification

The most basic way to maintain your welding equipment is to use it within its specifications. Do not disassemble and maintain the welding machine without the guidance of the manual.

Protect Your Machine from Dust

At intervals, take off the covers of your welding machine and blow compressed air into the units in order to remove all dust and debris from the mechanical parts of the machine. It is also a good idea to use a cover for your welding machine and to do all of your grinding far enough away from your machine so that nothing gets sucked into the welder while it is operating.

Clean Your Welding Machine

The parts of your welding machine need grease to be redistributed or a new application of grease. Sometimes new parts or compressed air will get the job done.

Replace Bad Conponents

Certain parts of your welding equipment may need to be replaced sometimes, such as the brushes inside of a wire feeder, the tips or nozzles also need to be replaced frequently. Depending on how often you use your machine, you will have to replace the liner in order to keep the wire feeding smoothly.

Examine the Cables

Most injuries and deaths from welding occur due to faulty cables that wear down over time. Your cables may look like they're in good shape, but the high heat, sparks and small amounts of corrosion from superheated metal take their toll over time. Closely inspect cables, wires and hoses prior to each use. Look for holes in insulation that may cause shorts, overloads or failures. Replace any faulty wires or cables immediately if you see any damage. Make sure to buy cables with thick insulation so they last a long time.

Special Maintenance for TIG Welding Machine

Welding with a worn-out contact tip, clogged liner or contaminated tungsten all create issues for welders, and often, people overlook them as causes. In addition, storing guns, torches or gas hoses is risky business because, if not stored properly, dust, dirt and moisture can collect and cause welding defects the next time they're used. Gas storage is also a huge issue. If left open, a cylinder can bleed empty in no time. Safe and conservative practices dictate that you should turn off cylinders when not in use, bleed the lines down and back off the regulator handle to remove the pressure from the system. Many people overlook this and waste gas or create unsafe conditions. 

Another common problem with equipment that doesn't get used every day is wire corrosion. Sure, copper coatings and lubricants inhibit rush, but not forever.

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